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Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior

As Shadow Warrior’s Lo Wang, you cut a crimson swathe through multiple waves of foes. Bodies were bisected, organs shredded and appendages severed. In many games this viscera merely disappears moments after occurring, but what if it doesn’t? Who cleans it up after the blood-letting has ceased? In Runestorm and Flying Wild Hog’s collaborative mini-game, Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior, you do.


This title is a sibling of Runestorm’s greenlit space station janitor simulator, Viscera Cleanup Detail and it follows a similar premise. You play as a corporation janitor armed with a mop, bucket and his bare hands, tasked with restoring the interiors of the Collector’s Temple to their former glory. You’ve also got bio-waste bins, a valuables chest, an incinerator and a fresh bucket dispenser at your disposal.


It starts off simply enough as you set about cleaning up the awful mess, throwing out one-liners as you go (“I liked that guy!”). But your trusty mop quickly becomes drenched in claret and adds to the mess – you have to clean the mop in a bucket or the external stream as you go. If you walk through a cold pile of entrails and heads, you’ll leave bloody footprints behind. Frustrations will only rise as you kick over your water bucket and knock over a bio-waste bin; quickly turning the briefly clean scene into a macabre slapstick sketch.


This an original, wonderfully absurd, mini-game and one that rewards mental endurance and a tenacious sense of getting the job done. You’ll need to employ a careful strategy, have a clear head and a strong resolve as things can go from freshly cleaned to abattoir in a moment of clumsy thoughtlessness. Unless you’ve got an acute crime-scene fetish, this may not sound like fun but if you like a challenge, especially the thankless kind, there’s a novel one here.

Game is bundled in with Shadow Warrior and is available via Steam.

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