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Viewtiful Joe for PS2

Over at this year’s E3, Capcom clarified that of the latest batch of killer GameCube titles, namely Viewtiful Joe, Killer 7, P.N.03, Resident Evil 4 and the now scrapped Dead Phoenix, only P.N.03 and Resi 4 were contracted exclusively for the GameCube, meaning versions of the other games could turn up elsewhere.

A PS2 version of Joe clearly isn’t out of the question then, and in recent weeks there’s been increasing speculation that the title may well be ported onto Sony’s machine.

Now it turns out that when asked about the possibility of a PS2 appearance for the game at last week’s Tokyo Games Show, Capcom’s Hideki Kamiya said that he was disappointed with the sales of the game thus far, and wanted as many people as possible to play the game.

Hardly conclusive, but interesting news nonetheless.

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