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Upsetting news about Quake 4

Last weekend’s QuakeCon event brought shocking news about the forthcoming Quake 4… it’s going to be primarily single-player!

Gobsmacking news from the prestigious QuakeCon event has revealed that Quake 4 (follow-up to one of the best multi-player games ever, Quake 3: Arena) will be mainly a single player experience, with multi-player action put to the sidelines. What the hell? Pardon us for speaking out of turn, but that sucks. “Quake 4 is primarily a single-player focused game which will be continued on a near storyline from Quake 2. That’s not to say that we won’t have multi-player, but our primary focus is currently the single-player experience,” said Raven head Rick Johnson.

Something stinks over at id at the moment. Back when Doom III was in its infancy, we were told that the game may not even carry multi-player modes, as was primarily a single-player experience. Sound familiar? Now however, id are happily hawking around Doom III’s deathmatch levels to anyone who’ll print ’em, and are happily claiming that the game will be fully playable with multiple persons. A change of heart maybe? Surely it’s too late in the day for that? If Quake 4 is to be single-player based, then doesn’t that put the two games in the same boat? Where the hell’s our massively multi-player first-person shooter gone?

There was a similar outcry upon the announcement of Quake III, as it was revealed that the game was to be multi-player only. Single player games were nothing more than deathmatches played with bots – the real meat of the game was in the arena-based frag-fests, and it’s why we loved it. We were expecting more of the same, only with Doom-quality visuals, but now… who knows? Maybe id got the runs when they saw how Half-Life 2 was shaping up? Perhaps they’re looking to go one better? It’s too early to say, especially seeing as the id Gestapo won’t even let us see simple character renders from Quake 4, the swines.

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