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Unreal Championship patch revealed

Digital Extremes, via official Infogrames forums, has announced that it’s currently working on a patch for Unreal Championship. The patch, which fixes a number of ‘exploits’, also addresses framerate issues and paves the way for further updates and more, will likely be delivered for free via Xbox Live.
It’s no news that existing and upcoming Xbox games – Unreal Championship is one – will benefit from free updates courtesy of Xbox Live, which is all well and good, but patching is the area that causes most concern. While we might like to think it wouldn’t happen, we’ve seen developers in the PC world releasing bugged games to hit deadline and relying on the in-grained patch system to fix problems at a later date.
The Xbox’s hardware and online technology are giving developers the opportunity to fix games that might otherwise have remained “buggy”. You might say that titles should go on the shelves without bugs, but in the event that technical problems do appear in release code, at least developers can do something about it. Digital Extremes is a case in point.
For full details on Digital Extremes’ plans for the Unreal Championship patch, head here.

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