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Total War heads to Rome

Total War

As the games industry starts work again after the holidays, the rumour mill has once again ground into action, this time suggesting that developer Creative Assembly is currently working on a third title in its Total War RTS series that focuses on the Roman Empire.

Well, unsurprisingly, when questioned about a Roman Empire-based outing in the Total War series, publisher Activision gave a “no comment”. However, words from Creative Assembly’s Gil Jaysmith suggest that something is definitely happening behind closed doors.

“No doubt an official announcement will be made sometime soon,” Jaysmith commented recently in a forum post in response to the circulating rumours about a Roman Empire Total War.

But perhaps most intriguing were some of Jaysmith’s final words: “Please don’t press me for further information; I’m not a member of the TW3 [Total War 3, we assume – Ed] team and would probably just get it wrong if I tried to tell you anything about the game.”

While this doesn’t confirm the existence of a Roman Empire-based Total War RTS, it does appear that Creative Assembly is currently working on number three in the series. Which is no great surprise really.

Expect more concrete information on this situation soon.

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