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Thunderbolt Version 4.5 update

Unless something disastrous happens, the new version of Thunderbolt should be up and running by the end of this month.
For those who haven’t already heard, the new version, version 4.5 will have the same design as the current site, but a different structure and a different domain. It’ll be database-driven, so easier for me to update.
New features include a search, more screenshots, faster loading pages and a new and improved contribution system. I should also be able to run Thunderbolt over the summer (last year, I was on holiday for a month, so there were no updates). There may also be a competition some time this year, so watch out for that.
The new domain will be shorter than the current one and will be a lot easier to remember. It’s just being finalised at the moment, so more on that when I have it.
This year, I hope to bring you more and more content than before, as our number of staff grows. Those who already contribute have been a great help to me in the last six months, and with more contributors, it should get even better.
So, with almost 75% of the new version done, you should see it soon. I’ll post another news story nearer the launch, finalising all of the new feature. As for version 5, that’s a long way off!

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