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Thunderbolt kicks off inaugural “Theme Week”

A few weeks ago, we here at Thunderbolt were sitting around and looking at our content and we noticed a few holes. Along the way, from our first review to our 1,141st review, we somehow managed to miss a few big-named games. Games like Max Payne, WipEout Pure, Grandia 3, and even huge games like SSX 3 slipped through the cracks and went without review.

In an effort to build up our backlog and get the word out, we recently sat down and decided to revisit some of these classics. Of course, there are still a lot of games that we missed covering and honestly, we’ll probably never get to them. But, this week, we’re going to celebrate the past and fill in some of those holes by providing a week’s worth of content dedicated to some of the games that we missed. This inaugural week will kick off our new “theme week” feature, where we’ll provide you, our loyal and awesome readers, with weeks of content dedicated to a particular theme – this week, the games we “forgot” to review. So, please join us in celebrating and remembering some of the bigger games from our recent past.

Who knows – maybe these articles will inspire you to dust off that old copy of Grand Theft Auto 3 or Zoo Tycoon 2.

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