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Thunderbolt 4.5 cancelled; 5.0 development begins

Tomorrow was meant to be the launch of 4.5, a version with a different structure but the same design. However, Thunderbolt Version 4.5 has been cancelled and development of Version 5.0 has begun.

This has happened for two main reasons. The first is that we were having trouble converting 4.0 to use php scripting for 4.5. The design wasn’t built to handle php, so it caused some minor errors. The second reason is that two days ago, the hard drive with much of 4.5 on it died and a large portion of the new version was lost.

Version 5.0 will, in theory, be the ‘ultimate’ version of Thunderbolt. It will have a brand new design and will incorporate the database of 4.5 which was saved. Like 4.5, Version 5.0 will be co-built by Larrytech, and we’ve set next week aside to get down to doing the new site.

Not much else has been decided, but I’ll keep you up to date on all developments.

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