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There Should Be No God of War IV

The internet has been set ablaze with news that Kratos has, amazingly enough, not yet filled his capacity for violence and revenge and that a third prequel, titled God of War: Ascension has now debuted. As a hardcore fan of the series, I’m slightly relieved at the news and that this wasn’t the rumored God of War IV rearing its ugly head. Such an idea is pretty absurd when you think about it.

Even so, as the old saying goes “when money talks…” and you know the rest. If a developer can’t necessarily make a sequel, they’ll make a prequel or remake or some other way to stretch the franchise well beyond the point it should’ve ended. Making yet another game in a proven franchise is like being given a pass to print free money: it’s simply too tempting to pass up. The whole thing strikes me as a way to take a dig at Microsoft ever since they’ve announced Halo 4, yet another unneeded sequel that is going to sell ridiculously well.

Lately, I’ve been conflicted. On the one hand, I think whatever extra mileage out of the series has already been gotten out with the sequels and two prequels. Having a third game going over Kratos’ days before he became the Ghost of Sparta doesn’t necessarily appeal to me. It just seems like we’d be going over the same material with very little in the way of surprises, although I won’t complain if this PS3-exclusive totally knocks my socks off. On the other hand, it’s more God of War, and I’m not so full of myself that I’m going say I won’t play and probably enjoy it like I have the last five games.

It’s perfectly understandable why Sony would commission another God of War game. Still, I believe after Ascension, asking for more God of War with Kratos might be too heavy a burden for him to carry. At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself when you’ve had your fill of Kratos killing Greek heroes and the Pantheon of gods? After Ascension, the only feasible prequel would have a toddler-aged Kratos, and who wants that?

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