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The value of concept art

Congratulations on finishing our game – now, here’s what it looked like in the early days. We’re sorry we didn’t have the budget for useful unlocks or anything worth viewing more than once, but maybe next time we’ll come up with something of value.

We’ve made up for it by including hundreds of crudely drawn, unfinished sketches, rather than choosing important ones. Because fan service.

Here’s one of a character that couldn’t be sold to audiences – maybe if you like him we’ll include him in a later game. As you can tell, we really don’t skimp on anything here and so you’ll find hundreds of unusable character designs, scrapped settings, and a photo of our kitchen sink.

Our studio takes a real quality-over-quantity approach to what we choose to include and cut from our games and by revealing all the things that weren’t good enough for you to see; we hope you’ll take notice of this.

It’s only a shame we didn’t have the time or interest around the office in sitting some people down and telling you about those odd art assets. Instead we’ve designed an elaborate system in which you must flip through all of it yourself and figure out the relevancy of each piece and how it matches up with the real thing.


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