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Grand Theft Auto

After all the recent furore about Grand Theft Auto heading over to the Xbox, there’s news on the future of the series…

Despite Sony having what seemed to be an airtight contract stating that the PS2 would get first dibs on any GTA action, Rockstar and Take Two managed to flex their increasingly impressive muscles and release Xbox versions of the series. Not only of Vice City, but it’s illustrious predecessor as well. Even though the Grand Theft Auto games have convinced millions of gamers to opt for a Sony-flavoured console, it appeared that Sony had now been left dangling over the gaping chasm of multi-format releases.

Not so, as by letting the older Grand Theft Auto titles go, they have negotiated themselves into Exclusivity City (by way of San Andreas?) when the next instalment of the juggernaut franchise is ready to roll. The deal will only be for a certain amount of time (like their ‘exclusivity’ deal with Prince of Persia) but having Grand Theft Auto 4 only on the PS2 is a licence to print several large piles of cash (which will go terribly well with the mountains of money the last games have earned them).

So there you have it. You will not see GTA 4 on the PS3. You will not see it on the Xbox (at least not yet). Grand Theft Auto 4 is heading for the PlayStation 2.

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