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The real reason to own Mario Kart 8


Nintendo missed a trick with the Year of Luigi. His 30th anniversary ticked by without a hitch over the past year, handing the Italian plumber the spotlight as a shivering wreck of a ghost hunter, a virus fighting doctor and a more traditional side-scroller. But what they should have been focusing on is how much of a goddamn psychopath he is.

There are many reasons to own Mario Kart 8, from the fantastic range of new tracks to the excellent online racing and pretty much everything else in-between. Yet witnessing the horror of Luigi’s maniacal death stare may just trump them all. While the rest of the characters in Mario’s karting family are either whimsically happy or comically menacing, Luigi looks like he would murder you in your sleep. No questions asked. No remorse.

The above video kicked off a chain reaction. With each passing day comes more glorious GIFs and videos of Luigi nailing his competitors with a power-up before the subsequent deadpan stare. There’s no life in those eyes, this is a lean green killing machine. It’s no surprise really, who wouldn’t snap after 30 years portrayed as the bumbling sidekick to a star brother? The biggest icon in videogames, no less. And what better way to extract vengeance than with a green shell or five? Plant that fear deep inside, Luigi, who cares if she’s a princess?!

With MK8’s new replay sharing feature I envision many more videos to come; it may just be the series’ greatest addition yet. Murderous Luigi in a Mercedez Benz, anyone?

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