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Are you a Fallout fan who greatly enjoyed the first two games and wants to know more about their background? Are you a fan of the new Fallout games and are keen on learning the series’ backstory? Have you ever read The Bible and thought, ‘this thing needs more mutants?’ If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then the Fallout Bible undoubtedly comes recommended. Originally a series of fan questions posed to and answered by Chris Avellone back in 2002, the Fallout Bible is a compendium of all the background information, design documents, character stories/fates, omitted elements, rules and lore from the Fallout universe you could ever ask for.


Even if you believe you’ve hammered the originals so much you couldn’t possibly learn anything else, you’ll be surprised upon delving into this massive digital data collection. This is seriously detailed stuff; including facts and topics to obsess over for years. There’s a list of all the known vaults (there was well over 100) and their fates, a massive timeline of all the events leading up to World War 3 and then carrying them over through the series, and a detailed history of how the FEV virus came into existence and forever ravaged the wasteland.


As a Fallout fanatic, I can’t believe I haven’t gotten round to reading this sooner, although it’s a large slog to take in at once, the tome is split down into several parts for ease of digestion. Reading only a few of the pages (either available as downloadable documents on Duck and Cover here or on the Fallout Wiki as data pages here) will greatly enrich your experience of the first two games, and the new ones by virtue of their linear connection, a great deal. Finally, always remember this: “not even the carrion eaters are interested in your irradiated corpse.”

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