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Summer 2004 for Half-Life 2


Valve’s director of marketing Doug Lombardi has spoken out about a likely release date for the hotly anticipated FPS Half-Life 2. While refusing to commit to a specific date, Lombardi has stated that the developer is currently aiming towards “this summer for the completion of Half-Life 2”.

After the media circus surrounding the game’s unveiling at E3, it seemed September 30 2003 couldn’t come soon enough. But then the inevitable happened; the supposed date came and went with no sign of the title, and then in October Valve announced that hackers had infiltrated the developer’s network and stolen source code from the title.

Publisher Vivendi hastily announced the title had been put back until April 2004, but Lombardi’s comments today have obviously put the kibosh on an Easter release.

With Valve’s estimated “completion” of the title scheduled for later this Summer, it seems likely that an early Autumn release date is most likely, which would make the title a whole year late. In any case, with another delay for the PC version, it seems unlikely we’ll be seeing a console version of the game before 2005.

As soon as Gordon Freeman’s latest adventure receives a definitive date, we’ll let you know.

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