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Street Fighter II back again

Street Fighter

It may sound like the kind of joke title we might come up with to exaggerate Capcom’s increasingly ridiculously titled beat-’em-up series, but this is all too real. Hyper Street Fighter II X is set to be released on the PlayStation 2 as a celebration of 15 years of the Street Fighter franchise.

Street Fighter II: Hyper fighting (known as SFII Turbo over in the UK) was the one which really kicked the series off and by many people is still considered the best of the lot, even though it hit the SNES and Mega Drive a whole 10 years ago.

Anyway, apart from the name, Capcom is keeping quiet about what we can expect from the title for now, though more details are expected to come to light at this month’s Tokyo Games Show. However, while a Capcom spokesperson refused to pass comment on the title, inside sources are telling us to expect a compilation featuring the best games in the revered series.

So, Capcom Fighting All stars is canned but another SFII sequel is on the cards.


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