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Star Wars: Republic Commander Screens

Star Wars

Here are a host of new screens taken from the PC version of this very promising looking title. Star Wars Battlefront may very well steal all the attention in the next few weeks (and rightly so) but February will see the release of this baby, and the signs are looking good.

The game uses a heavily modified version of the Unreal engine, but initially Commando certainly looks dark as you’d expect when you’re infiltrating deep into the bowels of an enemy-held planet. However, it’s still very recognisably Star Wars, with neon terminals and glowing technology illuminating proceedings, as you peer out from the inside of your commando helmet.

Republic commandos are actually drawn from an elite clone troopers’ force, fierce, highly-trained specialists who are responsible for performing all manner of deep strike and covert operations. With the game’s tag-line touting “your squad are your weapon”, it’s no surprise to find that your three-man team plays an integral role in the game.

Commando will introduce a one-touch squad control system, with an easy-to-use interface allowing you to set up firing formations, place commandos in key sniping locales or go completely demo, as you order them to blow open heavily shielded blast doors.

It works like this – you simply point where you want them to go, a kind of neon ghost figure appears, you confirm orders such as “Form on Me”, “Search and Destroy” and obediently enough, away they go. Simple as that, but it does add a fair of degree of tactical nuance and sophistication to the gameplay, before the fireworks well and truly begin.

Check out these lovely screens…

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