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There’s an expectation that any low-profile release branded with the Star Wars name; official licencing of one of entertainment’s most prolific brands can instantly convert mechanical mediocrity into financial profitability. As an expansion for 2010’s charming Pinball FX 2, Star Wars Pinball smartly sidesteps this most common of pitfalls, allowing complete focus to be placed on creating a novel experience for the target demographic of the brand’s enthusiasts.


Whilst fundamentally an expensive piece of downloadable content for a three year old game, these three tables are dangerously addictive and a rare case of tactful licensing. A simple combination of classic sound effects, character props and bespoke table design produces a purchase that gradually justifies its entry price of 800 points.

The three tables provide enough entertainment, but the Bobba Fett level is the most memorable. Depicting the iconic opening moments from Return of the Jedi onto a single table is an achievement in itself. An animated Bobba Fett attempts to strike down your three balls by shooting overhead, under the supervision of Jabba the Hut. From a cynical perspective, this is nothing more than a needless aesthetic overhaul intended to divert player attention and provide a moment’s respite. In reality however, it’s these shameless implementations of the license that will attract the majority of players – the core game has enough content for pinball enthusiasts.


Star Wars Pinball is a quaint little piece of downloadable content that, whilst more at home on its Android release, provides undeniably high levels of fan service with minimal risk.

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