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Star Wars

Touted as a combination of Metroid Prime and Rainbow Six 3, but in the Star Wars universe, LucasArts has got us very excited with the prospects of Republic Commando.

While we have seen a lot of bad Star Wars games, things have definitely been getting better. BioWare’s Knights of the Old Republic was stunning, Star Wars Battlefront looks amazing, and now we also have Republic Commando. The SW license is starting to reclaim some of the kudos that it should never have lost.

Republic Commando places you inside the oddly-shaped visor of the Republic troops, those who saved the Jedi’s at the end of Episode II. Seemingly designed as a blend of Jango Fett and an Imperial Stormtrooper, Republic Commando is the only armour to be seen in this fall.

There are said to be 15 varied missions, including jaunts to Kashyyyk (the Wookies’ home world) and Geonosis, as well as providing a large range of weaponry to play with.

Take a look at the gorgeous screens below, and you Xbox and PC owners can start saving now. PS2 and GameCube owners can only look on jealously.

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