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Sony upsets The Church of England with nave gun battle


Sony’s PlayStation 3 public relations adventure continues, as The Church of England considers legal action against the entertainment giant. The BBC reports that the game Resistance: Fall of Man uses the interior of Manchester Cathedral without permission. Part of the game includes a shoot-out in the cathedral’s nave in which hundreds of soldiers are killed.


The Church has demanded that Sony apologise and remove the game from sale, even though over a million copies have already been sold. The Bishop of Manchester, the Rt Revd Nigel McCulloch, said:

“It is well known that Manchester has a gun crime problem. For a global manufacturer to re-create one of our great cathedrals with photo-realistic quality and then encourage people to have guns battles in the building is beyond belief and highly irresponsible.

Here in Manchester we do all we can to support communities through our parish clergy. We know the reality of gun crime and the devastating effects it can have on lives. It is not a trivial matter.”

David Wilson, a Sony spokesman, told The Times newspaper:

“It is game-created footage, it is not video or photography. It is entertainment, like Doctor Who or any other science fiction. It is not based on reality at all. Throughout the whole process we have sought permission where necessary.”

It’s unclear whether The Church found out about the use of the cathedral interior’s use by playing the violent video game, or were alerted of it by a higher power.

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