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Sony falls back on the PS2


With the PlayStation 3 still failing to pick up real momentum, Sony’s computer entertainment CEO Kazuo Hirai emphasised the importance of the PS2 in his Tokyo Game Show speech.

Now in its 8th year of production, the PlayStation 2 is still selling steadily, particularly in North America and Europe. In fact, it reached the milestone of 120 million shipments in the 7th year from launch. The PS2 appears to be attracting buyers for a longer period of time when compared to the original PlayStation and as a result, Sony will continue to release games and promote the aging console.

Such news may also reflect well on the PS3 if Sony intends to use a similar business model for its next-generation adventure. Although early sales have been slow, if the console is supported for as long as the PS2 has been, then inevitable lowering prices may see PS3 sales rise in the middle and end of its lifespan.

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