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Sony apologises to Manchester Cathedral


Sony quietly issued an apology today to the Manchester Cathedral. Sony had recently come under criticism from the Manchester Cathedral for using the church as a setting in the popular PS3 first-person shooter Resistance: Fall of Man. The Very Reverend Rogers Govender, Dean of the Manchester Cathedral, was quoted as being thankful for Sony’s apology. Despite Sony’s apology, Govender went on record saying:

“…We do not move from the position that we are against violence and especially the gun violence seen in this portrayal of the Cathedral.”

The Manchester Cathedral thought the use of the Church was particularly upsetting because of recent gun violence issues in Manchester and have requested that the portion be removed from the game. Sony did not say whether or not it would be removed, but a quote from the letter seemed to suggest it would not be:

“[Sony does] not accept that there is any connection between contemporary issues in 21st century Manchester and the work of science fiction in which a fictitious 1950s Britain is under attack by aliens. We believe a comprehensive viewing of the work will make its content and context clear.”

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Source: Guardian Unlimited

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