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Sonic back by Christmas


Everyone’s favourite turbo-charged blue hedgehog will return this Christmas with a something of a darker edge.

Looks like SEGA have been taking notes from recent success stories Ratchet & Clank 3 and Jak & Daxter 3 while thinking about a new direction in which to take the ageing yet popular Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. Their new title, Shadow the Hedgehog, will star Sonic’s dark alter ego as he runs, jumps and apparently shoots his way through various 3D environments. The new game will equip the prickly little mammal with an arsenal of weaponry for disposing of enemies and it’s probably safe to assume there will be plenty of high speed platforming mixed in with the slightly darker gun-toting theme.

What is it with making games more violent these days? Not only are we seeing action games like Doom 3 receive 18 certificates (albeit because they involve being eaten alive by demons – granted) but even classic Sunday afternoon heroes like the Prince of Persia are getting tooled up for a market of angry teenagers. Next, the new Timesplitters: Future Perfect is to be released with a similarly mature rating and includes blood for the first time. What ever next?

Still, Sonic games are always worth a mention and the new direction could be just the thing for bringing Sonic back up to the level of popularity he once had. Let’s just hope they don’t officially license any gangsta rappers to do they soundtrack…

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