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SNK VS Capcom: SVC Chaos

SNK NEOGEO USA announced that the company will be publishing SNK VS CAPCOM: SVC CHAOS, exclusively for the Xbox and will fully feature Xbox Live support.

Hereís the official fact sheet of this promising looking title.

ï Choose famous characters such as Mega Man, Shiki or Athena.

ï A total of 34 characters from SNK and CAPCOM are playable from the beginning.

ï 2 secret boss characters are available if certain conditions are met.

ï Multiple modes of play including Arcade, Versus and Practice.

ï Utilize the special or super special moves unique to each character.

ï Max out the 3 levels of the power gauge to increase effectiveness of the special moves.

ï Strategically adjust the timing of your attacks by using the Forward Ground Step move.

ï Go beyond the Super Special move with the exclusive Exceed Move to inflict massive damage.

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