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SingStar PS3 pricing confirmed

Sony have confirmed the pricing and European release date for PS3 title SingStar. Each track is to cost GBP £0.99 / EUR €1.49, and the online service dubbed ‘SingStore’ is to launch alongside the game on 7th December.

The game will cost £24.99 or twice that if you want a pair of microphones with the game (much cheaper than that online, though). It will come with 30 songs on the disc and will offer 44 additional downloadable ones – including some of those from the PS2 SingStar games and a bunch of new songs (amongst those are songs from Manic Street Preachers, Depeche Mode and The Zutons).


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You will be able to upload photos and videos of yourself to My SingStar Online (go to for the full brief) using the PlayStation Eye, and you’ll be able to rate other people’s videos, as well as the pleasantly non-interruptive ability to download new songs as you play.

It seems a bit of a shame that connectivity between the numerous PS2 versions and this new PS3 instalment are basically non-existent. The option to upload your existing tracks and save them on the PS3’s hard drive would be welcome, although it’s hard to see a way to make this practical after the removal of backwards compatibility on many PS3s.

The game is currently down as an American release next March, although this is subject to delays. Pricing for the US store has yet to be revealed.

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