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Shenmue 3 imminent… or is it?

With rumours flying around that AM2 have confirmed they’re working on the game, Sega are remaining schtum

After Shenmue developers AM2 announced way back in November 2001 that there would be a third game in the epic adventure series, industry rumours are suggesting that the Sega development house have now finally confirmed that work is underway on the game and that it would come packaged with the previous two ‘Mues.

However, when Sega were asked for confirmation of this, journalists were simply told that an announcement regarding the game has yet to be made and that they could not confirm anything about the title.

So we’re still in the dark regarding a possible release date but it’s safe to assume that the game will happen, not least because there are plenty of loose ends to the storyline in Shenmue II that have yet to be resolved.

The original Shenmue appeared on Dreamcast while Shenmue II was released for Dreamcast and Xbox, which would suggest that the third game is also Xbox-bound.

As soon as we have any further confirmed details on the game, we’ll let you know.

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