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Sequels a go-go for Activision

Reports coming to us this morning claim that sequels are in the pipeline for True Crime, Call of Duty, Spider-Man, Shrek and Quake, all due next year, possibly on next-gen formats too.

Activision are the busiest today, not only have they announced a brand new Neversoft venture that’s not got Mr Hawk in it, but they’ve revealed that a whole host of sequels to some of last year’s best game are currently in development. So, you can now look forward to Call of Duty 2, a True Crime sequel, another Shrek game (with no movie license to back it up), another Spider-Man sequel and the almighty Quake IV, all off which are due for release before March 2006. All you have to do is look at some of Activision’s key franchises and you can see they’re rapidly gaining on their number one third-party competitor, Electronic Arts. And I wouldn’t rule out a couple of these titles for launch on next-gen formats, although that might be wishful thinking.

In other Activision news, the company has revealed today that they expect to have at least one title available on each format come the launch of the PSP and the Nintendo DS on or around Christmas this year. The NDS title looks likely to be Spider-Man 2 and the PSP looks set to receive a piping hot port of Tony Hawk’s Underground 2, a game we just can’t seem to avoid today. Seeing as the European release of both consoles will be several months after the Japanese launches, it’s possibly that a few more Activision titles will be jostling for shelf space on day one.

And there’s more – Activision have announced that Spider-Man 2 has been their biggest success to date, racking up their highest ever one week sales figures off the back of the movie’s release. Of course, it helps that the game is one of the best free-roaming games ever released, is on multiple formats and has a major motion picture behind it.

Still, Spidermania is always cool, and I’m pleased as punch that so cool a game knocked the disappointing Driv3r off the top of the charts…

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