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Sega out of the sports biz

In a move that was surprising to three Eskimos in Alaska, Sega has decided to sell of all its sports game assets, including their high-profile Visual Concepts studio (NFL 2K5, NBA 2K5) to… Take-Two Interactive.

Following a deal with Major League Baseball, which allows Take-Two exclusive access to the MLB license, Take-Two has confirmed that they have reached an agreement with Sega to sell the studio for around 25 million US dollars. Take-Two, which also publishes Rockstar and Global Star software, will now add into its fold not only Visual Concepts, but also their subsidiary which developed NHL2K5 and Sega’s previous MLB titles.

Look for at least one sports game to emerge out of Take-Two next year. Who knows what’s going to get purchased next…I think the Professional Bowling license is still up for grabs…

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