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Second Sight announced

It looks like fans of the stealth genre will have no problems finding some games to play in the next coming year. Spy Fiction, Thief III and Metal Gear Solid 3 are all coming out and Second Sight will be joining the stealth party this autumn. Second Sight is being developed by Free Radical Design, the makers of the excellent Time Splitters series, and published by Codemasters. Itís shipping to all three platforms, so thankfully the GameCube isnít being left out this time.

The unique hook of the game is that the player controls a character with powerful psychic abilities. The gameplay promises to be a mix of intense action and stealth, with plenty an ìatmospheric, thriller narrative.î You control John Vattic, a man who has just awoke from a coma in a U.S. laboratory where he has been subjected to all kinds of horrible experimentation. A portion of the game will be flashbacks, with the past and present merging to hopefully create a memorable storyline.

Gameplay wise, you can use your telekinetic powers to move objects and freak out enemy guards. As the game progresses you get more and more powerful skills, and an arsenal of 13 weapons. Check out the official site here for the most timely updates on Second Sight, or you can check back here for more news as it develops.

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