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Scarface the Game – the real Vice City?

Tony Montana and his chums have been snapped up by Vivendi Universal, who want to make the real version of Vice City.

Brian De Palma’s drug fuelled classic Scarface is to be turned into a videogame by Vivendi Universal, another move in the latest fad of buying up legendary movie licenses. The film, which saw Al Pacino in one of his most memorable roles, is widely regarded as one of the best gangster movies ever made, spawning countless imitators throughout the 80’s and 90’s. Predictably, the game will play as a third-person shooter, even though there’s not much shooting in the film. Simpsons Hit & Run developers Radical Games are taking the reigns, so perhaps we’ll see comedy side-missions with Tony racing to the other side of Miami to complete a drug deal against the clock.

While the Scarface name has certainly never been used before, the concept most definitely has. Rockstar unashamedly ripped off the story of Scarface – young man rises through the criminal underworld in Miami – for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Before it’s even begun production, Scarface the videogame has already got a large mountain to climb – it has to live up to one of the coolest films of all time, and one of the coolest games of all time. So is it a good idea or bad idea? We’ve yet to make up our minds.

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