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Rumour Overload : Xboy

With Nintendo’s GBA SP throwing everyone into handheld-based frenzy earlier this week, it’s only natural that attention would turn towards its two main rivals for a response.

Sony, naturally, remained its usual quiet self. Microsoft, on the other hand gave a different response.

As today’s Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas, Bill Gates strode onto a nearby platform and began to lecture passers-by with his views on the technological state of the world today.

As the subject drifted lazily round to games consoles, specifically the ones that fit in the palm of the hand and have names that contain the word ‘boy’ in them somewhere, he smirked that billion-dollar smirk of his, and casually commented that: “It’ll be several years, more like three years in fact, before you’ll be able to do something like an Xbox in a portable factor.”

Barely had he finished the last syllable before websites across the world confidently predicted that Xboy was in production, will be a serious contender to the GameBoy and will be on the shelves by 2006.

There’s no reason to doubt them of course, just as there’s no reason to believe them either. Gates simply made a comment on the state of handheld gaming technology, not a statement of intent. OK, it’s not fact; he was just commenting, but we can’t help thinking about Halo in the palm of your hand :D

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