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Quick Review: Street Fighter X Mega Man

Street Fighter

With Keiji Inafune leaving the ranks and the Street Fighter IV franchise continuing to disillusion gamers of what defines a true fighting game, the subject of Capcom being one of the most respectable innovators in history has developed into something of an urban myth. Nevertheless, 2012 has been an interesting year for Capcom as they have slowly, but surely, been getting themselves back on track.

Bringing onboard Seow Zong Hui’s fan project, Capcom mixed and baked to create a cake fitting to commemorate the 25th birthday of the Blue Bomber and the World Warriors. This is Street Fighter X Mega Man, a spectacle that doesn’t require cash upfront to collect a slice.


There’s no story involved in SF X MM, rather this is an appreciation piece that merges the two flagship universes in interesting ways. Rather than taking on Robot Masters, Mega Man is made to challenge 8 of the Street Fighter Universe’s iconic characters: Ryu, Chun Li, Dhalsim, Blanka, C. Viper, Rose, Urien, and Rolento. Each level is an enlarged version of each respective fighters’ trademark stage inhabited by foes from past Mega Man titles and a few original ones. Additionally, thanks to the efforts of Chiptune artist A_Rival, the 8-bit rendition of each character’s theme makes for a marvelous soundtrack.

The Street Fighters set themselves apart from Wily’s minions as they attack relentlessly with a plethora of their known special moves. In addition, as they take damage from you their super meter builds and once filled you can expect an oncoming super. Holding back to block is obviously not amongst your choices of defense so the old school approach of minding your jumps and slides in accordance to attack ranges is in full effect.


In hindsight, SF x MM is a pretty short title, its stages about half the size of the average Mega Man level. But like always, trying to figure out which borrowed attack is a boss’s Achilles’ Heel will take up much of your time. On top of that, this is a title that does not opt for the classic password save system – once you shut off the game you’ll have to start from scratch the next time you boot up. Perhaps in an effort to balance this out, when all your lives are spent, you are greeted by unlimited continues so you don’t have to stress about replaying beaten areas.

Although the experience is swift, SF x MM will have gamers feeling the itch to return and best their last performance. Further incentive is the fact that yielding at least four Perfects versus the bosses will open the way to fighting the secret boss. In taking a fan project under its wing, putting up with zero slack to making pristine touch ups, and giving this adventure a $0 price tag, Capcom has indeed shown that it’s ready to take up the responsibility of upholding the excellence it was once known for. Even if you’re still skeptical of its impact, Street Fighter X Mega Man is a download you shouldn’t deprive yourself of.

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