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Quick Review: Courier’s Stash & Gun Runners’ Arsenal

Courier’s Stash is one of two new add-ons released for New Vegas recently. This is a compilation of the four special item packs that were provided as a bonus for pre-ordering the game. Courier’s Stash, upon installation, will automatically provide your character with these item packs, no matter where you are.

As these packs were originally meant to kick off your Mojave adventure with a bang, Courier’s Stash would be hardly appreciated if you’ve already gotten very far in the game, especially if you’re near the end. Amongst a few medical supplies, the Stash also includes some unique weapons and armor (i.e. the Weathered 10mm pistol and Armored Vault 13 jumpsuit). Also included is the nifty Vault 13 canteen, which auto-replenishes 15 hit points every five minutes, even in battle. Overall, these supplies would be considered decent, but irrelevant once you’ve progressed far. Therefore, Courier’s Stash should either be viewed as a great way for Fallout newbies to start their adventure with ease, or as a good incentive for starting a new game.


Gun Runners’ Arsenal is the other new release, adding new ammo, challenges, trophies, weapons and mods that can either be bought or forged. Locations that will be added with these tasty additions include Gun Runners and Silver Rush. Awesome weapons include the Sprtel-Wood 9700 gatling laser and the Two-Step Goodbye, a ballistic fist that detonates its victim’s body upon defeat – dealing 175 splash damage to its surroundings. Much of these weapons can be pretty costly, so it’s highly recommended that if you want to collect them all it’d be good to steal Dead Money’s hidden treasure.

Depending on what you’ve done in the game, not all the challenges can be tackled – completionists may have to consider starting a new file. Other than that, if you’re well into the “middle” of the game, Gun Runner’s Arsenal will definitely provide you with plenty of interesting options.

Courier’s Stash and Gun Runners’ Arsenal are great additions to New Vegas, but much of their enjoyment can greatly depend on when you choose to bring them aboard. Therefore, it’d be best recommended to use them as that sought after reason for reliving the Mojave adventure.

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