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Quick Review: Ben Jordan Case 8

Nothing sucks more than being backed into a corner, being left with little to imprint your hopes on, and continuing to fight as your only option. These are the bitter fruits harvested from Case 7, a very personal one for Ben Jordan when fate bitch slapped him with the harsh reminder that the career of a paranormal investigator can be riddled in much misfortune, something that comes with the territory.

Case 8: Relics of the Past, is the finale of Mr. Jordan’s chronicles, the magnum opus of his efforts culminating like stars aligning to illuminate the road to closure. After travels made to Greece, Japan, and backwater American locales, Ben now finds himself racing through Britain and France to stop his adversaries from summoning an era of global enslavement.


Undoubtedly, Case 8 is the lengthiest of Ben Jordan’s adventures, which certainly says a lot given that the series has continued to be charitable with its zero fee stance. Grundislav Games has taken proper care in crafting a number of engaging situations from multi-ending crossroads, to playing dual roles, and multi-layered puzzles, some tricky but contributing to the over arching theme of immersion over difficulty. Certainly a treat is the inclusion of the game’s soundtrack, savory at that.

My only gripe is that, much like other fans, my reasons for tackling Case 8 has much to do with avenging certain tragedies from the last installment. This was scarcely delivered due to the written choices in how the tale would play out. Though the underlying points are recognized, this restrains the experience from ending with a satisfying crunch.

Nevertheless, Case 8 demonstrates the budding capabilities of Grundislav. This may be the end of Ben Jordan’s chronicles, but things can only get better from here on out for its crew and their future.

You can download all the Ben Jordan episodes for free at Grundislav Games’ Ben Jordan page.

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