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PSX on the rocks

Having boasted wildly that the ëXí in PSX represents the crossover of games and electronics, as well as ëextraordinaryí it seems that Sony have cut back on the features in order to push the console in time for a chrimbo Japan release.

Merely weeks before the launch of the brand spanking new PSX the beast we had all anticipated to take over the world the impressive specs and features list was severely dumbed down. Did you just wet your pants at using the popular DVDR+W? dream of playing CD-R data discs? Foam at the mouth at being able to run movies shot with the Sony CyberShot digital camera? Well wake up buddies and budd-ettes, because these are no longer in Sonyís plans. Other omissions include the ability to handle image formats like TFF and GIF, no MP3 music files and the halving of the hard-drive copying ability from an impressive 24X speed to a mere 12X.

Now sit down and have something strong to drink, a double scotch may well do. This is because Sony have chucked out the number one reason the PSX would have been popular- broadband support. With a fat hard-drive sitting in your new several-hundred-pound machine, the idea was to let gamers download content to the disk for later viewing, be it hardcore German late-night movies or piccies of cheeky Japanese school girls. This now limits it (the hard-drive) as a big fat memory card, bulging at the seams with game saves. Of course, without internet connectivity this begs the commitment of Sony to itís lacklustre online service, which currently stands a million miles away from Microsoftís accomplished Xbox Live.

And besides, whatís to say the same thing wonít happen again at a later date? Hereís hoping that the PSP and PS3 donít follow suit. BOO SONY BOO!

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