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Pokémon set for Wii


Nintendo have revealed the title Pokémon fans have all been waiting for – the pocket-sized monster’s debut on Wii. The title will apparently be an RPG/Adventure game which will support online game-play – no specifics were mentioned, though it seems a safe bet you’ll be able to battle each other’s monsters over the Wii’s Wi-Fi Connection capabilities. Nevertheless, Nintendo have said that using the console’s online functions just for battling was too “narrow” a constraint – suggesting more online options to be available (Connect24 compatibility, anyone?).

Once again, you’ll be able to upload your monsters from the forthcoming DS versions of the game, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, which will probably launch just a few months before Battle Revolution. Other connectivity is said to be included, for example using the DS touch-screen as the on-screen Wii controller, and new content for the DS titles, downloadable into the games!

The title will be available within one year of the Wii’s launch – we hope for a worldwide launch for Christmas 2007! In the meantime, check out the first shot from the title below:

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