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Pokémon Diamond and Pearl revealed


Details regarding the next and new Pokemon title have emerged. Forthcoming DS titles Diamond and Pearl will allow up to 16 players to battle via WiFi and you can even import trained Pokemon from Fire Red, Leaf Green, Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire. Pokemon Ranger is the title of the next collecting game.

Japanese kids magazine Coro Coro spilled the beans on the upcoming titles but failed to reveal which format Pokemon Ranger will appear on, instead insisting the game will tie in with the new Pokemon movie in development. What is certain though is the DS games won’t feature any new classes of Pokemon, instead concentrating on developing existing classes with new evolutions of monsters and even some devolutions of old favourites.

Meanwhile, American gamers will be chuffed to hear that they can snap up a limited edition bundle of console and game when Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness is released, whilst those already owning a gamecube can grab decals to enhance/ruin their machine by per-ordering the game with selected retailers. Such is the norm with Nintendo and PAL territories that the UK seems unlikley to be offered the chance of a decal or limited edition gamecube. Booo.

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl will be released for DS in Japan in 2006, while Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness will be trained on Gamecube in October.

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