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Pirates! overtakes game stores

Atari and Firaxis have announced that Sid Meier’s Pirates! has gone gold and is on target for a U.S. in-store date of November 22nd.

In Pirates! you take the leading role of a Pirate Captain in the 17th century Caribbean trying to become the most revered and feared pirate in history – exploring high seas and exotic ports, overtaking enemies in fierce naval battles, engaging in duels and attempting to seize valuable booty. The new Pirates! carries on with the great gameplay and design simplicity tradition of the award-winning original while adding more challenging and exciting battle options, and a deeper and more varied role-playing experience. In addition, an entirely new game engine delivers updated gameplay, stunning new features, spectacular 3D graphics and enhanced surround sound.

A pre-order program is currently under way allowing consumers that reserve a copy of the game to receive a special Limited Edition for the same price. The Limited Edition is packed with tons of bonus material including the original Pirates! game, the full behind the scenes making-of video, developer diaries, unique exclusive content and bonus material.

Visit for sneak previews of the game, more screenshots, developer diaries and gameplay clips.

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