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Peter Moore leaving Microsoft, set to be boss of EA Sports


In a recent revelation, Microsoft games division Vice President Peter Moore has resigned from the company, which was very quickly followed up by the announcement that he has been hired as the President of Electronic Arts’ EA Sports label.

It is not known exactly why Moore is leaving Microsoft, although he has cited ”It’s purely about my family”. There are rumours suggesting he was effectively forced out of the company following the Xbox 360’s reliability problems and Microsoft’s extended warranty promises regarding the Red Rings of Death – which is thought to have cost them over a billion dollars. However he is adamant the events are unrelated and the deal had been signed with EA before any final decision had been reached regarding the 360’s warranty, saying:

“This agreement between myself and EA was signed about five weeks ago, way before any of the final work that was done on the warranty. It was completely unrelated.

Regarding the future of the Xbox 360, Moore said:

“The deals we have in place, whether they’re marketing, whether they’re publishing, the incredible expertise we’ve built at Microsoft Game Studios and perhaps most importantly Xbox Live and the headstart that service has got – all of that’s going to come together over the next few years.”

He is reportedly walking into a bonus of USD 1.5 million, as well as an annual salary of $550,000, plus another $333,000 to assist with relocation expenses, and a number of stocks and shares. He will also participate in the compensation and benefit schemes usually available to EA executives. Not a bad package, then. However, he will have to repay the $1.5 million bonus if he leaves the company voluntarily within two years.


Regarding joining EA, Moore said:

“The people at EA Sports have created one of the strongest brands in the entertainment industry and John Riccitiello is building an organization which will extend the company’s leadership to new platforms and new audiences all over the world. I couldn’t be more excited about joining EA and moving my family back to the San Francisco Bay Area.”

He will be replaced at Microsoft on 30th July by Don Mattrick, himself formerly President of Electronic Arts’ worldwide studios, who joined the company in February as an external consultant.

[Via: Eurogamer]

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