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Path of Exile – Beta journal entry #4

I’d since lost contact with my sole companion in the wretched land of Wraeclast. Much of the adventuring since last time has been conducted solo, wandering adrift, the groan of my zombie minions the only possible conversation the witch was going to get. There’s a noticeboard in town where you can post party invites or join new groups, and this was used to follow a band of five merry warriors who were ransacking nearby caverns.

The party was joined and the fast-travel waypoint used to enter their ranks. However, trying to make sense and connotation of anything when there are five others sprinting around thwacking anything that moves became convoluted and, to put it in its simplest terms, less fun. So they were waved goodbye.

Both the witch and her equipment have levelled up considerably. I may have, just about, gotten my bonce around the skill web. A simple skill tree is becoming a more common tick box in game design, with strategic titles offering class-based systems. However, there isn’t a skill tree for each class here. Instead, there is one giant skill web, your character dictating the starting location.

This opens up huge possibilities for customisation across all classes. An early decision was made to focus on two abilities and boost them repeatedly. The idea of approaching level twenty to only then realise skill points had been spent in the wrong direction was rather frightening. Fire elemental damage and minion boosts were my aims.

I’m level 15 now; able to raise four zombies and summon six skeletons at once. A vile defender of an abandoned prison was slain and my witch is now heading into the gut of a ghost ship to confront Merveil the Siren. Characters have warned me of Merveil‘s powers. I remain cautiously optimistic.

I’ll be continuing to update this journal during my exploration of Path of Exile. Stick around.

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