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Path of Exile – Beta journal entry #3

As my fellow traveller and I ventured out into The Terraces the combat become more prevalent. It took a while to become accustomed to using the same click for movement and attacking. The witch would often move towards a pack of enemies rather than cast a spell due to misdirection.This was soon resolved when a second gem was discovered that raised zombies from corpses.

With a trusty fireball and two zombies at my command the physical attack option was rarely used and the previous control issue mitigated. We fought across the beach and discovered a small, raised landmass heading out to the sea. Following this trail hauled us into the next area where the sorcerer we must defeat dwelled, and dwell no longer she must.

Upon initiating our attack, my ally used sword attacks up close and personal, while I supported with a volley of fire and rotting dogsbodies, this infamous enemy of the land returned fire and proved to be more formidable than anticipated. With bandits joining their return attack we were soon outnumbered by their union. It all happened too quickly for a retreat and my friend fell victim to their surprise offensive.

Left to fend for myself, the zombies were used as a defensive wall to hide behind, with me behind flinging balls of fire at attackers and slowly, but surely, reducing their ranks. Mana began to dry out but thankfully my two potions held true. In Path of Exile you may equip up to five potions at once. Rather than an inventory eventually filled with hundreds, the potions instead refill as you destroy your opposition. It’s another simple change that creates a more manageable system rather than carrying hundreds of varying sizes.

With little energy left, a well placed fireball smashed the villain right in the chops, sizzling her eyebrows as she crashed to the ground, thus providing a moment’s respite. We were victorious. Claiming the medicine chest we’d been sent to find, I headed back to meet my companion who’d respawned back in the town. Trouble was, and as a beta these things can happen, it had not been recognised that he was part of my party due to his death.

A get-around was to create a new instance – i.e. reload – of The Terraces and retrace our footsteps. Not ideal, but it worked. And so for the second time we conquered. There was much rejoicing.

I’ll be continuing to update this journal during my exploration of Path of Exile. Stick around.

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