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Outrun 2 is on it’s way

Set to appear in Japanese arcades this Winter, Outrun 2 is a sequel to the 1986 racer which saw you cruising along in a Ferrari Testarossa, a blonde haired chick at your side, as you attempted to beat the checkpoints, take the best route, and impress the dozens of grey-skinned slack-jawed losers who hung around the same arcade as you. Thing is, they never even bothered getting the Ferrari licence back in ’86; man times have changed…

Anyway, Outrun 2 is being developed on Xbox compatible-Chiriro hardware, and this time you’ll have a selection of vehicles from which to choose. A young lady will still be joining you on your cross country travels, but this time you’ll be able to choose exactly which digital date you want. More alarmingly, the chick will also play a part in the game. Eh? Are they butz?

Here’s some screens to wet your appetite…

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