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Okami coming to Wii

PS2 cult classic Okami is to get a new lease of life thanks to a Wii port next year, Capcom have revealed.


You play Amaterasu, the lupine reincarnation of the Sun God who is tasked with defeating the vicious multi-headed demon Orochi. You’ll partake in a huge quest to rival even the likes of Zelda, and much praise was laid at the game’s paws for its incredible graphical style and innovative Celestial Brush (which should lend itself to the WiiMote perfectly).


If you own a PS2 and didn’t buy this wonderful game you should feel ashamed, but you can make amends by buying the Wii version when it comes out early next year. It’s the thirteenth-highest rated game on PS2 according to Gamerankings, and despite a relatively flat retail performance on PS2 we hope the Wii version sells plentifully.

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