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No longer silent on The Moment of Silence

The Adventure Company is set to lead gamers into the future with their upcoming release of The Moment of Silence this February here in North America. Set in New York City in the year 2044, players set forth to explore through 75 different environments in a classic point-and-click adventure gameplay style. You’ll play as Peter Wright, an advertising executive who working on a “Freedom of Speech” campaign for the Government. One evening, random SWAT guys invade his neighbors home and his neighbor turns up missing, and Peter is the only one who can help find him. Promising a politically intriguing plot, George Chastain, Executive Producer at The Adventure Company says “The Moment of Silence is certain to entertain both traditional adventure gamers, and anyone seduced by espionage, politics and the quest for global power.” We’re well aware of the graphics the adventure company can pull off, and even more exciting than the incredible looks of Moment of Silence are the promised eight HOURS of spoken dialogue from professional voice talent.

Check out these hot screens of what looks to be another adventure gem from The Adventure Company.

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