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Nintendo announce new games

As ultimately expected, 2002 grew to a close without the heavily rumoured “Megaton” announcement Nintendo was allegedly due to make. Nevertheless, they still revealed an extensive list of first party titles due on the Japanese release radar, at the Jump festival just before Christmas.

Most notably, F-Zero is set for May, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, Kirby’s Air Ride, and Mario Golf this Spring, with Mario Tennis and 1080 2 due next winter. Animal Crossing 2, Pikmin 2 and Mario Kart were all reconfirmed, but Nintendo refused to shed any light on when we might be seeing these titles.

Here’s the list in full:


F-Zero (May)
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles (Spring)
Mario Golf (Spring)
Mario Tennis (Spring)
Wario World (Spring)
1080 2 (Winter)
Animal Crossing 2 (TBC)
Mario Kart (TBC)
Pikmin 2 (TBC)
Star Fox (TBC)

Game Boy Advance

Game Boy Gallery 4 (TBC)
Game Boy Music (TBC)
Lunar Blaze (TBC)
Mario Golf (TBC)
Mario Tennis (TBC)

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