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New Rainbow Six content on the way

5 New maps, 2 new modes. That’s the jist of what Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas fans will recieve in exchange for 1000 Microsoft points come April 18th.

Assassination has a team trying to escort a VIP to one of two extraction points whilst the other side attempt to kill the escort whilst defending both extraction points, whilst Total Conquest is more along the lines of Battlefield as a team-orientated control point game. While characters on both teams look like militants and mercenaries during Assassination, the escort himself is a bald, be-speckled business man, armed only with a handgun, standing out like, well, a bald man. Players vie to control three satellites in Total Conquest and win by holding satellites for the most amount of time at the end of the allowed period or by gaining possession of all three satellites for 30 seconds.

The new maps are Marshalling Yard, Roof, Doscala Restaurant, Border Town, and Killhouse. Now get practising!

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