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New PSP details

According to a recent report on UK trade Web site Indie, the first ELSPA Games Summit in London earlier today saw SCEE president Chris Deering giving a keynote address entitled “Future Challenges for Console Platforms.” Talking about the recently announced PSP handheld console, Deering stated that it will not be a direct competitor with the Game Boy Advance and that the late 2004 release date announced at E3 should be more or less simultaneous worldwide. “It’s technically possible,” he said, “but you can only make so many a day, so I would imagine it might be a slight time difference between the Japan launch and the US and Europe launches.” Deering went on to say that although there’ll be no difference between the PSP consoles sold in PAL and NTSC territories, there will be regional encoding for movies, similar to that used on DVDs.

The pricing for the PSP itself was not discussed, but Deering did say that while some of the games on the universal media disc (UMD) could retail for anything up to 60 euros ($71), the majority of games would sell for between 20 and 30 euros ($24-35). According to Deering, movies on the UMD format will almost certainly cost a little less than DVDs, and music albums should retail for under 10 euros ($12).

We’ll bring you more information on the PSP as soon as it becomes available.

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