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New PSP battery on the way

Sony have announced they plan to release a new battery pack for the PSP next month in the USA. As things stand at the moment, SCEE have no plans to release it in Europe.

It is called the PSP Extended Battery Kit (catchy), and it is a 2200 mAh (Milliamp Hour) battery pack that “can double the battery life of the new PSP model”.

It is thicker than the old battery, so Sony has had to package it with a custom cover for black and silver editions of the Slim & Lite model, which will make one ‘shoulder’ chunkier than the other. However, the old PSP Fat & Heavy will be compatible with the new battery without the need for any case modification.

It is said to go on sale in America mid-December and will cost $44.99.

[Via: Eurogamer]

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