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New GTA not numero 4

A new GTA title has been confirmed for next year. The catch? It’s not numero 4…

Released this week, Take-Two’s “fiscal year 2003” report revealed to the world some interesting releases for 2004. Aside from learning how many millions of pounds the company earned (and they say piracy cuts down on profits) we know know that there will be a Grand Theft Auto title out next year, but not GTA4.

Likely to be based in San Andreas (seeing as it’s the only city left from the original that Rockstar haven’t covered yet) those boys from bonnie Scotland (arc the noo’) are remaining tight lipped regarding details. Good news comes in the form of Manhunt giving Xbox and PC gamers a shock, Red Dead Revolver will now be taken over and published by Rockstar (it was previously Capcom but a deal struck between the two meant that the company that bought us the Resident Evil series will be covering GTA3 in Japan instead) and that a GTA title will definitely be released for Nintendo’s GameBoy Advance early on in 2004.

Start saving those pennies now!

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