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New GameBoy Advance revealed

It appears that the rumours were true after all, as Nintendo finally unveiled its new, flip-top GBA today at the Nintendo 2003 Press Briefing, in London. Looking like a shrunken laptop, the Game Boy Advance SP will reportedly be available in silver, blue and black and will cost about £85 when it’s released later this year.

Many people wanted a backlight and thankfully Nintendo has now included it, the Game Boy Advance SP coming with a nifty frontlight for the new screen. They have also introduced rechargeable batteries into the proceedings, and while the screen size remains the same as that of the first GBA, the Japanese giant is nevertheless presenting us with a stylish, tempting piece of kit.

The Game Boy Advance SP is due for release in Japan on February 14 and is expected to appear in the US and Europe in late March. We’ll have more info on the GBA SP as soon as we get it.

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