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New Crackdown content in the pipeline

According to reports, such content will be available later on today. First off will be an auto-update adding, amongst many, louder orb notification sounds plus the option to reset gangs. We’re also being treated (for free!) to the Free-For-All pack which, despite sounding like something from The Three Musketeers, allows players to enter the city that can be customised and exploited to their every devilish command. However, achievements will be frozen whilst in this mode.


For 800 MS Points (around £6) you can download the Getting Busy Bonus Pack that will throw in new vehicles, weapons and various other game modes. Both packs will feature extra achievements (2 in the free download and 5 in the premium content) that total 210 Gamerpoints, and you can also play in Co-op with the pack against a fiend that doesn’t, so no more forced purchasing.

All of which should set us up nicely for 3 weeks of Halo 3.

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